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Are you ready to turn your dream of flying into reality? Start learning with our Introductory language classes. You will get the skills
and confidence you need to do well in the cabin crew
selection process. Our detailed course and study
materials will help you to excel in the job interview. We
will guide you in every step. Let us work together to get
you your dream job at IndiGo.


Mrunal Sawant

It was great to be a part of the PHT training. The sessions were interactive. I have learnt a lot from these sessions. It's because of this training that I can confidently communicate

Dream Big, Reach for the Skies: Start Your IndiGo Cabin Crew Training Today!






A2 -> B1







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Check if you qualify as an IndiGo cabin crew

Find out your speaking skills level for IndiGo cabin crew job. IndiGo needs individuals who are at the B1 level, so our test checks if you are at that level. Know your CEFR level instantly, whether you are at A2 proficiency for our standard Pre-Hiring Training (PHT) or at an A1 level for the Extended Pre-Hiring Training (EPHT). Use your results to choose your training and aim for an excellent job with IndiGo.


About The Program

Pre Hiring Training 

Get better at English with our Pre Hiring Training English course. It is for people who wish to be a cabin crew member and want to be fluent in Aviation English. This course covers vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and pronunciation. It is helpful for the A2 level learners for improving their communication skills and be successful in the Aviation Industry

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Extended Pre Hiring Training 

Start your English journey with our easy-to understand Extended Pre Hiring Training course, made for learners who need personal attention and help with language. This course gives you lots of detailed information and opportunity to practice. Feel more confident and skilled in your career as a cabin crew member with a deep understanding and use of Aviation English. This course is for learners who are at an A1 level and provides help from the foundation level to improve your skills


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Why Choose Us?

Improve your English skills with English For India's Pre-Hiring
Training for cabin crew candidates. We have a high success
rate in conversion of job interviews. Don't just dream of
flying—let us help you walk towards your dream to become a cabin crew member


Level Advancement

Over 90 candidates who have benefited from our training


Level Progress

Witness a 85%+ success rate in moving from an A2 to B1 level


Completion Rate

Experience a remarkable 96% completion rate


Happy Customers

Enjoy a 100% satisfaction rate with our program


This pht session provide to be wonderful to me . As I got to learn many things like the correct pronunciation of some words. And tenses now I'm more confident while speaking in English. I want to thank my trainer for that .

Tara Pradhan


Our Testimonials

It was great to be a part of the PHT training. The sessions were interactive. I have learnt a lot from these sessions. It's because of this training that I can confidently communicate

Mrunal Sawant


The training has really helped me a lot. I used to believe that my english is good and i was upset when i got selected for the PHT , but later during my training i’ve realised that I need more improvement in my english.Thankyou.

Ayesha Shaikh


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  • Who should take these courses?
    These courses are designed for aviation professionals or students preparing for a career in aviation who want to improve their English language skills.
  • How are the courses delivered?
    The courses are delivered through a combination of interactive sessions, practical exercises, and structured modules, typically conducted in an online setting.
  • Can I take the course online?
    Yes, these courses are available online
  • What's the difference between the 132-hour and 264-hour courses?
    The 132-hour course is a quicker, more condensed program for enhancing communication skills, while the 264-hour course offers a more in-depth and comprehensive language learning experience
  • What will I achieve by the end of the course?
    By the end of the course, you will have improved your aviation-specific English skills, enhancing your ability to communicate effectively in professional aviation settings.
  • How do I sign up for a course?
    You can sign up for either course by clicking here [insert link], choosing your preferred course, and registering online or contacting our enrollment team.

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