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About Us

English For India started out with two friends who were frustrated by the quality of English training conducted currently in India. We routinely heard HR managers talking about how soft-skills and communication training did not really produce the result they were expecting.

We realized early on that there were two aspects to the problem:

What to teach?

What employees really want is “functional English”. This is English that is used in day to day conversations to effectively get the point across.

Let’s take an example:

Though there are over 100,000 words in English - one needs to know only 2000 to be fluent. And even fewer to work effectively in a work environment. The problem really is knowing which ones to use and more importantly: how to use them!

We wanted to create a program that focuses on the essentials while cutting out all the flab. The English for India programs are designed from ground up to include all the features that are missing from English training and communication programs today.

How to teach?

Programs currently expect too much of an investment from the companies. As an HR, as such it is hard to convince management to allow the employees to take out time for training. The job is made tougher as HR has to choose between 1-2 day trainings that deliver nothing and long programs that prohibitively costly and stretch for months.


What is needed is a program that focuses on what all HR managers really need: business outcomes. These are the drivers that not only retain great talent but also ensure the company objectives are met.

What employees really want is “functional English”. This is English that is used in day to day conversations to effectively get the point across.

Our combined experience of over 25 years, working in various capacities in the corporate world in a variety of different companies such as ESPN, Times of India, Wipro, Sapient to name a few, has provided us with a ring-side view of what is needed in day-to-day communication in the corporate world.

Our programs are customized to ensure we take specific scenarios and challenges that employees face in your organization. No two training programs are the same so we even select the trainer so the quality of intervention is tailored as per the audience.

The result? No cookie-cutter programs in our brochure - we work closely with HR to ensure that our training programs deliver on the promise.

Why choose English For India for your

training needs?

There are two aspects that separate us.

Firstly, as a growing company in a highly competitive market that the training space is - we understand the value of client referenceability and repeat business. Each and every client we have worked for would give a testimonial to our skills, passion, and rigor in conducting the training.

Secondly, a key internal metric that we hold ourselves responsible for is IMPACT. Our training is guaranteed to change the way employees act in the everyday workplace. Most of our clients are seeing the difference from the first few weeks of the training.

Just email us on <> and we can catch up over coffee to discuss your company’s training needs.


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