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Strengthen Customer Relations

Get clients to trust your employees, through effective communication, resulting in strong and lasting business relations

Improve Global Opportunities

Empower employees to communicate well in English and engage your international customers

Increase Professionalism

Employees capable of communicating well help improve your company's brand image positively 

Lower Employee Attrition

Businesses with effective communication are 50% more likely to reduce employee turnover


Helps employees to increase their corporate English language proficiency according to international CEFR standards.

Online Class

 A Corporate Training Solution To Help Improve Your Team's Communication 

Personalised Content 

Tailor the content to focus on the specific needs of your employees based on business objectives

Live Virtual Training

Interact with an expert trainer to understand how to communicate with clarity and confidence

Progress Tracking

Access a comprehensive report of participant's progress and completion rates

What our clients say about the training

Business Meeting
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Priya Poojary

Customer Care Executive

"We got the opportunity to learn grammar through a video, which was amazing."


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Wish your employees could be more effective while communicating internally and with customers? 

We can help personalise learning paths to help your organisation achieve the desired outcome. 


4 / How will we measure success?

  1. How will we measure success?

We have assessment criteria that will help in measuring the success of the program.

5 / Can you provide any references?

Yes, we can provide references of a few select organisations that we have worked with.

6 / How much will it cost?

Connect with us to know the price of the programme.

1 / How is the program structured?

There are three variants-Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus. The programme can be taken as self-study alone, as a blended version, or a fully synchronous trainer-led version.

2 / What is the course duration?

The course duration can vary depending on the module and the course - it ranges from 8 virtual hours to 40 virtual hours.

3 / Can I see a demo of the course?

Yes, you can request the BD team to share a link to the demo account.

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