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Training Coordinator

Job Description


  • Create, compile and export databases containing all information for each session

  • Dealing with all correspondence related to queries received on chat/email/call. 

  • Updating course timetable and planning the course delivery in a timely manner. 

  • Be responsible for the on-boarding session with the participants through Zoom and calls.

  • Make notes of the participants who have consistently not interacted. 

  • Make note of the time duration when the participants are getting corrected or asking questions and the trainer is answering. Each session should have at least one footage. 

  • The overall feedback of each participant needs to be mentioned in the excel sheet. 

  • Recording the attendance, trainer remarks, training schedule dates, and scores. 

  • Each training session needs to be attended by the training coordinator to ensure the session is going well as per the requirements.


  • Graduate

  • Strong fluency in English language. 

  • Good working knowledge of MS-Office , G-Suite and Zoom. 

  • Willingness to be persistent in follow-ups over chat and telephone

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