Acceptable Use Policy

Effective: June 1, 2020

Online Pro+'s mission is to provide universal access to education. We believe strongly in preserving free speech and expression for our users. We also want to make sure that all of our users feel safe and comfortable while using our Services. We have drafted this Policy to ensure that people understand and follow the rules when participating in our online community and otherwise while using our Services.


We may remove or edit inappropriate content or activity identified by or reported to us or suspend, disable, or terminate a user's access to all or part of the Services. 


You are prohibited from using our Services to share content that: 

  • Contains illegal content or promotes illegal activities with the intent to commit such activities. Please keep in mind that users who are as young as 18 use Online Pro+, and we do not allow content that is inappropriate for these younger users.

  • Contains credible threats or organizes acts of real-world violence. We don’t allow content that creates a genuine risk of physical injury or property damage, credibly threatens people or public safety, or organizes or encourages harm.

  • Harrasses others. We encourage commentary about people and matters of public interest, but abusive or otherwise inappropriate content directed at private individuals is not allowed.

  • Violates intellectual property, privacy, or other rights. Do not share content that you do not have the right to share, claim content that you did not create as your own, or otherwise infringe or misappropriate someone else’s intellectual property or other rights. Always attribute materials used or quoted by you to the original copyright owner.

  • Spams others. Do not share irrelevant or inappropriate advertising, promotional, or solicitation content.

  • Otherwise violates the Online Pro+ Terms of Use. Please note that specific Content Offerings may have additional rules and requirements.

You also aren't allowed to: 

  • Do anything that violates local, state, national, or international law or breaches any of your contractual obligations or fiduciary duties.

  • Share your password, let anyone access your account, or do anything that might put your account at risk.

  • Attempt to access any other user's account.

  • Reproduce, transfer, sell, resell, or otherwise misuse any content from our Services, unless specifically authorized to do so.

  • Access, tamper with, or use non-public areas of our systems, unless specifically authorized to do so.

  • Break or circumvent our authentication or security measures or otherwise test the vulnerability of our systems or networks, unless specifically authorized to do so.

  • Try to reverse engineer any portion of our Services.

  • Try to interfere with any user, host, or network, for example by sending a virus, overloading, spamming, or mail-bombing.

  • Use our Services to distribute malware.

  • Use our Services or any functionality of the Online Pro+ platform for anything other than for completing online courses or for pedagogical purposes.

  • Impersonate or misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity.

  • Encourage or help anyone do any of the things on this list.


Copyright and Trademark

Effective as of June 1, 2020.


Online Pro+ respects the intellectual property rights of third parties and expects our users to do the same when using the Services. We reserve the right to suspend, disable, or terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly infringe or are repeatedly charged with infringing the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of others.


Online Pro+ also respects the trademark rights of others. Accounts with any other content that misleads others or violates another's trademark may be updated, suspended, disabled, or terminated by Online Pro+ in its sole discretion. If you are concerned that someone may be using your trademark in an infringing way on our Services, please email us at, and we will review your complaint. If we deem appropriate, we may remove the offending content, warn the individual who posted the content, and/or temporarily or permanently suspend or disable the individual’s account. 

Policy Refund Policy

Effective as of June 1, 2020.

For details on our refund deadlines and policies, please refer to the information below. Please note that our policies differ between subscription payments and one-time payments made for a course and that payment options may vary from one Service to another. Please also note that we treat violations of our Terms of Use and Honor Code very seriously, and we have no obligation to offer refunds to users who violate these terms, even if their requests are made within the designated refund period. Similarly, we have no obligation to offer late refunds to users who do not receive a passing mark in the Content Offering, or who are otherwise unsatisfied with their final grade. 

For Month-to-Month Subscriptions 

Online Pro+ does not offer refunds for payments made on a month-on-month subscription plan. To avoid being charged during a free trial promotion, you must cancel your subscription within 7 days of purchasing. Your subscription will be valid for a period of 30 days or 1 month from the date of purchase.​ 

Online Pro+ will automatically discontinue your subscription at the end of the month period. 

If you cancel your subscription post 7 days of purchasing the product, cancellation will be effective at the end of the current monthly period; you will have continued access to your subscription for the remainder of that period, but you will not receive a refund. 


For Online Pro+

To get a full refund of your Online Pro+ Plus subscription payment, submit a refund request to within 7 days of your payment. Refunds will not be provided if requested after this 7-day period. 


Your Online Pro+ Plus subscription will continue for the subscription period identified at the time of your purchase and then automatically be discontinued by Online Pro+.  


If you cancel your subscription after the first 7 days of your subscription period, you will continue to have access until the end of the subscription period and will not be billed for the next billing cycle. 

Honor Code

Effective as of June 1, 2020.


All students participating in the class must agree to abide by the following code:

  1. I will register for only one account, unless expressly permitted to register for additional accounts by Online Pro+.

  2. My answers to homework, quizzes, exams, projects, and other assignments will be my own work (except for assignments that explicitly permit collaboration).

  3. I will not make solutions to homework, quizzes, exams, projects, and other assignments available to anyone else (except to the extent an assignment explicitly permits sharing solutions). This includes both solutions written by me, as well as any solutions provided by the course staff or others.

  4. I will not engage in any other activities that will dishonestly improve my results or dishonestly improve or hurt the results of others.