Online Education During COVID-19: A Complete Guide for Teachers

While we all are stuck in a growing pandemic, the education industry in India has been hit badly. Most of the schools, colleges, and education centers remain shut. Teachers and students are however trying to compensate for the lost time by adapting to online education to continue with their routine tasks.

Online Educational Services have seen the 200% spike in usage since COVID-19 began. Several students have moved to the internet, and this has created a complex set of challenges for unprepared teachers.

Fret not! Let’s make online teaching a smooth ride for you.

What Are The Challenges Faced By Online Teachers?

Many online teaching platforms have existed for some time now. However, it was not a preferred method of engaging students until the pandemic broke out. With ever-increasing numbers of Corona-virus cases, students are actively seeking solutions to fulfill their educational needs through the internet.

An overload of student enrollment in online education has led to 72% of online teachers being mentally exhausted at the end of the day due to work pressure.

One of the major problems of online education relates to analyzing each student’s performance accurately and understanding their point-of-view. This was not an issue during the pre-COVID era.

Online teachers who were used to handling fewer batches now have the responsibility to teach more students. The added work pressure has left many teachers in a vulnerable situation.

There are many tasks an online teacher has to manage. They are required to plan the study modules and develop teaching aids to help each kind of learner understand the concept. Since online classes now consume most of the time, they do not find the bandwidth to introduce innovative teaching methods.

Online Teaching: Four Effective Solutions To All Your Problems

We know teachers carry many responsibilities on their shoulders. The Covid-19 pandemic has made many teachers ineffective against the new challenges of online teaching. Here are four useful techniques and methods you can use to make your online teaching sessions more interactive and less exhausting for the student.

1. Stick to the Time Limit

You must start sticking to the time limit. If it is a 1-hour class, it should be broken into parts to achieve the desired productivity.

You can take up the teaching for 45 minutes followed by a 15 minutes interactive doubt and Q/A session. Brainstorm at least 10 strategies and keep other resources handy before the class. At the same time, you must figure out how to keep “your” students motivated.

2. Explain Your Guidelines

Teaching requires all your blood and sweat. Ensure your efforts are not going to waste by framing a set of guidelines for your student to follow during and after class. Make sure to mention important things like not to interrupt during the classes, asking appropriate doubts during the follow-up session, etc.

If you are planning to take online education one step forward, we strongly recommend you to learn about the L-P-A model and introduce practical educational aspects to the students.

3. Plan Everything A Day Before

Teaching online can be exhausting and it is important to take care of your mental health. Plan the tasks you need to accomplish a day before and break those into various time slots to get things done easily. This helps you have ample of time to develop modules, solve doubts, and analyze reports.

Teaching is no less than an art and till you are trapped, you can’t come up with effective techniques.

4. Become a Student

A teacher is not a teacher if they have stopped learning. Give your students a chance, ask them about their schedule, and things they do to relax. Be open to positive and negative comments as they will help you connect with your students better.

This needs not to be done every day. You can arrange interactive sessions on the weekends and simultaneously ask for their feedback. Be open to positive and negative comments as those will help you connect with them better.


The education industry is still in the developing stage. Making changes might be difficult but remember once you gain the experience, you will get hold of everything.

If you are facing any issues while teaching online, we are here to help!

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