Learn how to teach an online class effectively

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Online Pro+ is a do it yourself (DIY) micro-course to learn how to teach online effectively and while we are sure you will complete the course within 24-hours, you will have access to the course for a month, through any smart device.

Reclaim your passion and power,

and enjoy being an educator again

As educators, we are at a breaking point. Overwhelmed and stressed out with all of the mandates, new rules, and uncertainty. We are left to navigate through politics and not focus on what we need and want to focus on, our students.

As educators, we want our voices to be heard, our impact to reach students and communities. It's time to reclaim our power and own the value we bring to the world.


Unfortunately, we are stuck in day-to-day regulations, not being able to give our best to the children we live to support and teach. We are learning new technologies in a hurry, working 12+ hour days, feeling frustrated, and burnt out before we even kickstart our lessons.

Now is the time, time for you to overcome the obstacles, remove the 12-hour days in simple ways and reclaim your passion, power, and enjoy being an educator once again.

What is



Online Pro+: The Micro Course is a virtual learning experience for teachers and lecturers to become more effective educators.


Free e-guide Learners and their Learning Styles

Get a well-formulated and easy-to-understand e-guide about unique types of learners. Master how to adapt your teaching methodologies according to the learning style of your students and come out as a brilliant educator. Includes other teaching and subject-specific resources for an overall great learning experience. 

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9 Learning Modules

Comprehensive tips, tricks, techniques, and strategies to improve your teaching skills and conduct online classes effectively. Each module is precisely designed focusing on every aspect of online education. You also learn to use digital meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.



33 Videos and 33 PDFs

Productive and engaging multimedia helps you learn about effective online teaching. You get a complete informational study module in the form of PDFs and videos helpful at every stage of teaching. Keep brushing up your skills with our educative lessons.

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One Month of Access to the Course

Implementing the strategies and techniques takes time so you get to keep access to the full course with you for a month. Includes all 9 study modules, videos, PDFs, and e-guide so that you never stop learning.



Access to an Exclusive WhatsApp Group

Need support? We are just a text away! Reach out to us on WhatsApp for all your queries, feedback, and complaints. We will also add you to our exclusive WhatsApp group dedicated to online educators. You can get across all the useful and enriching resources for online teaching for future reference.

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One-on-one Interaction

Got questions that are unique? Touch base with our subject matter experts in a 30-minute live interaction. Get your queries solved in an instant. Technology, student management, or class management we have you covered with solutions.



Get Certified

Add value to your professional profile through the issued certifications of 24-hour OnlinePro+ The Micro Course. Put it on your resume and portfolio or add it to your LinkedIn profile, let people know that you are now a Certified Professional Online Educator.

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What will you gain from The Micro Course?

Boost your confidence and be effective


Earn money by using your expertise

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Access to an exclusive WhatsApp group

Get regular updates to stay ahead 

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Get certified after completing the course

What will you learn in The Micro Course?

Module 1
Challenges, Benefits, and Fears

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Challenges, Benefits, and Fears

 Objective 1: Identify new-age challenges teachers face

Objective 2: Sensitise teachers towards student’s challenges

Objective 3: Understand why is online teaching important


Objective 4: Steps to overcome fear of the unknown 

Module 4
Teaching Aids

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Teaching Aids

Objective 1: Understand teaching aids used online

Objective 2: Compare and understand the effective use of online teaching aids for different learners

Module 7
Techniques & Strategies

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 Objective 1:  Steps to engage and motivate students

Objective 2: Virtual tools for better engagement in class

Techniques & Strategies

Module 2
Learners and their Learning styles

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Objective 1: Evaluate the different learning styles

Objective 2:  Explore examples

to understand the Learning styles better

Learners and their Learning Styles

Module 5
Pre-class Techniques

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 Objective 1: Understand the
L-P-A model

Objective 2: Explore examples

to understand the L-P-A model better

Pre-class Techniques

Module 8
Learner Management

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 Objective 1:  Identify how to keep students motivated

Learner Management

Module 3
Technologies used to Teach Online

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Objective 1: Gain knowledge of different tools used to teach online

Objective 2: Gain knowledge of different tools used to mark student’s progress

Technologies used to Teach Online

Module 6
Teaching Online

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Image by Chris Montgomery

Objective 1: Guidelines for a good online teaching set-up

Objective 2: Evaluate ten strategies for teaching effectively online


Objective 3: Six things to do before you begin an online class

Teaching Online

Module 9
Additional Resources

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PDF's for Online Communication, Interactive  Presentations, Maths, Science, and more

Resources to begin teaching online

Additional Resources

What teachers say about Online Pro +

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It’s been almost a month after the completion of the course, I could feel the differences in the engagement of my children in the learning process. My teachings have become easier but I am more of an inspiration in front of my children. My classes are organized, lesson planning becomes easier, and last but not least 100% occupancy in my classroom. Trust me you will not regret it.

Koustav Chakraborty

HOD, Computer Science

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Online Pro+ I wish I had got this sooner. The concise details and ease of usage would have made the transition from in-class to online much easier and smoother instead of the struggle I faced in the initial few weeks. Better late than never, I would highly recommend this program for new teachers.

Pallavi Agarwal

Junior School Teacher, DPS

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I would definitely recommend all courses by English For India. This course was informative and interesting. Besides, we had constant support and guidance from the team. It was flexible and easy to follow. Thank you for some great learning!

Gayatri Jadeja

English Language Trainer

The Micro Course is best suited for

Teachers of primary and secondary schools

Lecturers at colleges and universities

Tuition teachers

Trainers who wish to teach online