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Online Teaching: The Micro Course

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Get Ahead of the Curve

Online Teaching: The Micro Course is a virtual learning experience for teachers and lecturers to become more effective educators.

Use your knowledge about technology, learning styles, and methodologies to earn money starting immediately.

What will you learn in The Micro Course?

Module 1
Challenges, Benefits
and Fear

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Module 2
Learners and their Learning Styles

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Module 3
Technologies used to Teach Online

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Module 4
Teaching Aids

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Module 5
Pre-class Techniques

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Module 6
Teaching Online

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Module 7 
Learner Management

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Module 8
Additional Resources

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5 Online Teaching Challenges You Need To Know

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What teachers say

Satabdee Biswal

CELTA Certified TEFL Trainer 

As a teacher who's been teaching online for more than seven months now, I feel that the program provides an in-depth understanding of why online teaching might seem scary at first but is actually a very convenient option for everyone. I would recommend Online Pro+ because it addresses different learning methodologies for keeping track and grading students while accepting and keeping up with the requirements of changing times.

Pallavi Agarwal,

Junior School Teacher, DPS

Online Pro+ I wish I had got this sooner. The concise details and ease of usage would have made the transition from in-class to online much easier and smoother instead of the struggle I faced in the initial few weeks. Better late than never, I would highly recommend this program for new teachers.

Priti Mehta

English Language Expert

The closing of schools has affected teachers, students, and parents everywhere. These are extraordinary times! And rather than a catastrophe, I see it as a time to learn, grow and take the quantum leap into the future which, we all know, is technology-driven. Online Pro+, a humble initiative, gave me everything I needed to get started on my new journey to become a better version of myself as a teacher/online trainer. It enabled me to collaborate teaching and learning - anywhere, any time, and on any device. Now, teaching and learning are no more confined to stifling old classrooms. How refreshing! 

What will you gain from The Micro Course?

Build your confidence to be an effective online teacher

Earn money by using your expertise and knowledge

Gain access to the exclusive WhatsApp community

Get regular updates to stay ahead of the curve

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Online Teaching: The Micro Course is best suited for

Teachers of primary and secondary schools

Lecturers at colleges and universities

Tuition teachers

Trainers who wish to teach online

Only 100 seats at ₹499.

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Online Pro+ is a do it yourself (DIY) course to learn how to teach online effectively and while we are sure you will complete the course within 48-hours, you will have access to the course for a month, through any smart device.


We also give you access to our worldwide community of educators on Facebook where we will update you about new-age techniques on how to teach better online.

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