Why choose English for India for your training needs?

We understand the importance of retaining clients and customers. 

Our courses are based on practical situations that most employees face in companies.

Our participants have seen a positive difference in their communication in the first few weeks of training.

An all-in-one course to help you make an ATS friendly resume, clear your interview and get a job easily.

A micro-course to help you learn how to teach an online class in the most effective manner.

Get to know Culture Pro+

Understanding Diversity

Understanding Diversity

  • Understand diversity and its importance

  • Learn about the cultural differences

Conference calls and conversations

Conference calls and conversations

  • Know how to communicate in the right manner over a conference call

  • Learn the art of holding a conversation without sounding insensitive

  • Know how to communicate important updates on business calls

Communication styles

Communication styles

  • Learn how people of different cultures communicate

  • Understand about language errors that must be avoided to make the right impression

  • Use the right communication style to get the message across

Body Language

Body Language

  • Identify the right body language to adopt in business meetings

  • Understand what could go wrong in a meeting based on your body language cues

  • Learn about how non-verbal cues differ from country to country

Email Communication

Email Communication

  • Learn the right way to address recipients of different cultures

  • Understand email etiquettes specific to the country to avoid misunderstandings

  • Know the right email formality tone and nuances to follow while writing emails

Conducting virtual business meetings

Conducting virtual business meetings

  • Understand how time perceptions can spoil relations

  • Build a strong relationship with business associates of different countries

  • Know how to conduct an effective virtual business meeting with people from varied backgrounds



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