75% of employees struggle to communicate in English

Strengthen your team's language skills with English Pro+

Poor communication results in

Confusing, unclear conversations



Negative brand image

Reading a Book

Learn with English Pro+ to avoid this

English Pro+ is designed by professionals and experts to help employees improve their English communication skills at work. 

With a mixture of live sessions, concept videos, and fun-filled assignments, this course helps employees learn English to improve their workplace conversations.

Get to know English Pro+

A1- Beginner



  • Can use basic expressions of greeting, farewell and politeness

  • Can understand and respond to simple questions about familiar things

  • Can introduce themselves very briefly

B2- Upper Intermediate



  • Can understand and react to ideas related to complex text both on concrete and abstract topics

  • Can express and interact fluently as a part of regular interactions without any strain

  • Can create grammatically structured text on a wide range of topics

A2- Elementary



  • Can ask and give directions about a place

  • Can understand and take part in discussions related to day to day events if spoken slowly

  • Can follow, read and understand simple set of instructions

C1- Advanced



  • Can read, write and understand a wide range of text which is lengthy, more complex and demanding

  • Can express oneself fluently and spontaneously without searching for expressions and phrases

  • Can produce in writing clear and orally well structured text on complex subjects

B1- Intermediate



  • Can listen and get overall understanding of the main points of discussion of a known topic

  • Can understand text of varying length with or without a dictionary

  • Can talk and write opinions, beliefs and suggestions about simple matters

C2- Proficient



  • Can recognise the meanings implicitly in complex, demanding texts that are lengthy

  • Can communicate the language flexibly using complex idiomatic expressions with ease

  • Is able to show controlled use of connectors, patterns and cohesive devices

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CEFR table

What our participants say about English Pro+

Minimal Desk
Kaya New.png

Priya Poojary

Customer Care Executive

We got the opportunity to learn grammar through a video, which was amazing.

Nephroplus New.png

Rajesh Kumar

Senior Executive Inventory

Can see an improvement in my grammar as well as confidence levels.

Arth New.png

Bhavana Sahu

Business Analyst

Got to know the mistakes which I usually make while speaking English.


Worked with




Keyboard and Mouse

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