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Is good email communication  impacting your brand?

Help your employees improve their email communication with Email Pro+

With this course, your employees will:

  • Avoid unnecessary miscommunication and confusion

  • Increase efficiency by improving team communication

  • Learn proper email writing techniques to improve brand image

  • Get higher response rates from clients by using professional subject lines

  • Save time by using pre-made email templates

Get year-long access to the course starting at just ₹499 per participant!

Course Outline

The Basics​

Get familiar with the different email sections, email tones, formatting, and how to add a hyperlink, signature, and attachment.

The Principles

Cluster and mindmap emails, know the different email formats, edit and proofread emails like a pro.

Writing Essentials

Learn how to start and end an email, to write a good subject line and body. Learn email etiquettes, use of punctuations and capitalization.

Difficult Emails

Learn to explain complex situations, to summarize, to apologize, to reschedule meetings and to say no over emails.

Common work situations

Write emails asking for leave, for information from colleagues, sending presentations and reports, scheduling meeting and follow ups.

Uncommon Emails

Understand how to write emails in situations that are likely to occur but are not frequent.

What Our Clients Say

The formats of the email have improved my email conversation.

Vigilance Team

The best way of understanding how to write emails.

Customer Service Team

Improved my email writing skills.

Digital Marketing Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the course?

The video content is 2.5 hours long and it will take the participants approximately 11 hours to complete the course. A live training takes 8 hours.

What is the minimum batch size?

For the live training session, a minimum of 10 participants are required in a batch. However, we can customize the program to fit one participant as well. 

What kind of work scenarios are covered in the course?

We cover day-to-day, common work situations that an employee might face at work. This includes follow-up emails, scheduling meetings, asking and giving information and summarizing a presentation.

Is there a pre and post-evaluation for the participants?

Yes. Participants are grouped and trained based on their pre-evaluation scores.

After the course is completed, they are evaluated based on what they have learned. A customized report for each participant is sent after the evaluation.

Do employees get a certificate at the end of the training?

Yes, each participant will receive an e-certificate in their inbox on completion of the course. The certificate can be co-branded along with your company logo and signing authority. 

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