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Poorly written emails lead to loss of business opportunities

Improve your team's communication with Email Pro+ 

Miscommunication results in

Confusing, unclear emails

Damaged brand image

Waste of time

Typing on a Computer

Avoid this with Email Pro+

Email Pro+ is designed by professionals and experts to improve the way your employees write and send emails.


With a mix of live sessions, concept videos, and work-related email writing tasks, this course helps employees write better emails to improve their workplace communication. 

Understand why good email writing is important

Course Structure

The Basics

The Basics

  • Get familiar with the basics of email tone, formatting and sections

  • Learn about hyperlinks, attachments and business signatures

Email Structures

Email Structures

  • How to mind-map before writing a complex email

  • How to write different email structures depending on the situation

  • Punctuations, email etiquettes, and intermediate grammar rules to follow

Writing Essentials

Writing Essentials

  • How to use the right greeting and subject line based on the email tone.

  • Know in which business situations not to send an email

  • How to write an effective email body using the right lines.

Difficult Work Situations

Difficult Work Situations

  • How to summarize a meeting over email

  • How to summarize an excel report over email

  • How to decline a request over email without being rude

  • How to share updates over email

Common Work Situations

Common Work Situations

  • How to share information with team members

  • How to schedule or reschedule business meetings

  • How to write a follow-up email without sounding rude

Next Level Situations

Next Level Situations

  • Explaining a complex situation to the management

  • Responding  to an escalation case of an angry customer

  • Responding to emails if not replied are sent twice/thrice

  • Updating the management about a crisis situation.

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Why participants love Email Pro+

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Rupendra Babu

Vigilance Executive

The formats of the email have improved my email conversation.

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Arun Kumar

Image Editor

The best way of understanding how to write emails.


Simi Roy

Operations Executive

The trainer explained email concepts with live examples.


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