78% of customers do not buy products due to poor customer experiences

Improve sales with Customer Pro+

A high customer churn could be because of

Not understanding customer needs

Inability to solve customer problems

Lack of confidence to speak to customers

Paying with a Phone

Improve your service excellence with Customer Pro+

Customer Pro+ is a program tailored to your employees' regional language to improve service excellence. It will help your employees approach, interact and retain customers in the most effective manner.

With a blend of live sessions, role-plays, and work-specific tasks, this course helps employees learn about different types of customers, how to deal with difficult ones, what displays excellent customer service, and much more. 

Get to know Customer Pro+

Greeting the customer and small talk

Greeting and small talk

  • Learn how to initiate a conversation

  • Learn to engage the customer to understand their needs

  • Understand their buying requirements and give solutions

Transferring an issue

Transferring an issue

  • Learn how to transfer an issue which cannot be solved

  • Understand how to empathetically manage a difficult customer

  • Learn the right way of transferring an issue to another team member

Describing products

Describing products

  • Learn how to explain the benefits and features

  • Help the customer by giving the right product information

  • Share your knowledge to help the customer make the right choice

Dealing with difficult customers 

Dealing with difficult customers

  • Learn to manage customers without losing your cool

  • Learn how to deal with customers who are rude

  • Understand how to defuse a heated situation in a calm manner

Dealing with questions

Dealing with questions

  • Learn how to answer questions to address their buying needs

  • Learn how to answer the customer's questions in the best manner

  • Understand the reason behind the question before answering

Closing a sale

Closing a sale

  • Understand how to seal the deal

  • Learn how to manage the customer even in rush hours

  • Build a strong service excellence profile to encourage repeat customers

What participants say about Customer Pro+

Minimal Desk
Foodhall New.png


Sales Representative

I learned how to understand the requirements of our customers and help them in the right manner.

Almondhouse New.png

Somnath Pradhan

Customer Service Team

Loved learning how to greet the customer with a nod when our hands are busy.

Shangri La New.png

Reena Dubey

Food & Beverages

I am able to confidently approach guests and help them out. My communication has also improved a lot.


Worked with




Keyboard and Mouse

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