It takes 23.5 hours to screen candidates for a job

Use our assessments to do it within 10 minutes

Recruiting poorly skilled employees leads to

Lower productivity

Higher training costs

Increased customer issues

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Adopt a cost-effective method to hire better employees

Our assessments help recruiters evaluate the skills of candidates and screen them for the job roles effectively. The evaluation helps shortlist only those candidates who possess basic but important communication skills.

Applicants may be proctored during the evaluation to prevent any kind of cheating. This tool can help save several work hours that go into the initial screening of job applicants. 

Evaluate candidates for three critical communication skills

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Business Communication assessment

Evaluate communication skills of candidates based on their knowledge of business terms, sentence structure and general grammar.

English assessment

Evaluate candidates' language skills based on their English proficiency levels. The scores are determined as per the CEFR*.

Email assessment

Determine email writing skills of candidates based on their understanding of email structure, etiquette and language.

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Extensive evaluation report of each candidate
Virtual monitoring of candidates via their webcams

Proctored assessments

Non-Proctored assessments

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