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Our Story

English For India is a Bangalore-based ed-tech company that helps companies upskill their teams’ communication skills through an approach that focuses on learning outcomes. We believe that companies can truly unlock their human potential only by enabling employees to express their ideas freely and be productive in a distributed work environment. 

The co-founders of English for India, Mahesh Tharani and Arun Jagannathan, who spent over 20 years in the corporate sector, were frustrated (and surprised) with the quality of corporate English and communication training programs.  Most of the conventional programs brought no real results to the teams - and did not address the actual ground realities of communication in corporate India. With this in mind, English for India has created programs through which we work closely with the HR and L&D teams as well as functional / business owners to identify and track measurable and positive outcomes that directly impact business objectives. 


We identify the specific gaps in the current communication channels through our assessments and provide a customized solution through both “tech” and “touch”.  On the tech side, our learning paths have on-demand lessons and videos that are mobile-friendly -- so the employees can learn on the go at their convenience. The “touch” side involves interacting live with our highly skilled instructors to help the employees build both confidence and context into their communication.

Our team works tirelessly so that English for India can offer you customized training solutions. We now serve corporates through our online programs and are thrilled that we're able to turn our passion into a solution that brings about a positive difference to companies.


Our Journey

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English For India was set up as an EdTech company and trained its first client - Puma.


Started producing in-house videos for our content library.


Launched online training programs for corporate teams well before the pandemic.

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