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Our journey so far

January 2017

Two friends frustrated with the quality of English training conducted in India and decide to come up with a solution.

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June 2017

English For India was set up as

an EduTech company with a vision to provide customized corporate training.

July 2017

Started training the customer interacting and the corporate teams of our first client- Puma.

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 August 2018

Trained the IT and back-end teams of JC Penney on cultural sensitization for the USA.

November 2018

Started producing in-house videos for our content library.

February 2019
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Email Pro+ launched- a program that teaches employees and individuals professional email writing.

March 2019

English Pro+ launched- A program that helps employees and individuals learn the English language with ease.

April 2019

Started live, online training on Zoom, well before COVID-19, with participants from 15 H&M Stores across India.

May 2020

Online Pro+ launched- A micro-course that helps one  become an effective online teacher.

July 2020

Trained the students of 

Agasthya EduTech on resume writing and interview skills.

September 2020

Interview Pro+ launched- A course that helps in writing an effective resume and clearing interviews easily.

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Why English For India was established 

Our founders experienced the benefits of being good at the English language in the corporate world. Those who know the language well are always prioritized for promotions and other opportunities

There was a very evident communication problem in the corporate world. The language gap between employees and customers is one of the main factors affecting the profits of a company.

Employees were receiving corporate training, but this training did not match their needs and requirements. English For India customizes training programs only after the need analysis is done.

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Mahesh Tharani

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Arun Jagannathan

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Resham Tharani

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